April 2014

The excitement and drama is upon us.  What we have felt mounting since 2006 is bursting forth.  Social injustice, have you noticed millionaire is middle class?  It is the time when the world will have to make a stand around either financially drawing a line or allowing the turbulent chaos to take over.  Overpopulation is a politically incorrect element to try and remedy, but Mother Nature will, if we do not.

If you know your rising sign, read that as well.

Aries ruled by Mars
You are are the triple A this month.  Helping others get towed is not what you are best at, but with your ruler in the sign of diplomacy and justice cutting away the dead wood is not the challenge you would like.  You could burn your house down and start over.  Do not get caught.

Taurus ruled by Venus
The lady is much happier and so much more inventive.  Any artistic projects are potentially hazardous.  Too much electricity in the air.  As a well rounded grounded person, you tackle the energies well.   If you were in the mood to buy a funeral parlor it would be very lucrative and supportive to your community

Gemini ruled by Mercury
Stay in the bathtub until after the 8th of the month.  The raucous nature of everyone is trying to pull you into the fray.  See the powerful squirm, soon you will offer insight on negotiations.   Plan carefully as it is the right time to convince others your project is the best investment. Try and be tolerant, hold your tongue.

Cancer ruled by the Moon
Being a Cancer this country has tried to nurture and feed the world.  Food that is grown requires water and we are forever abusing our supply.  It is wonderful to know the energy of oil is everywhere in the US, but the procedure does over stretch our water purity.  As an individual you are seeping with the pain of the collective water shortage.  Ancient tradition says water rules our emotions.  No wonder everyone texts.

Leo ruled by the Sun
The North Node or serpents head in the US chart is in Leo.  The north node is what we are meant to do well and Leo is the sign of entertainment.  Most immigrants since 1900 came here thru the movies.  You are adept at creating an illusion that is insightful and a bit of exaggeration.  Recently movies have not been as lighthearted, and reality shows are usually denigrating to the subject and viewer.  Look to encourage and be ridiculously absurd with those you love, they need it.

Virgo ruled by Mercury
As an earth sign, you want security and safety.  Mass media is scaring us to death with drugs that may or may not be helpful.  Never before have the medical profession been so distant for those they swore an oath to serve.  The birth control pill was the first mega profitable entity.  Fooling with hormones is like fooling with Mother Nature.  So take the medicine you must and eliminate the fear of consumerism.

Libra ruled by Venus
The lady of justice is a Cardinal, leadership sign.  You are being battered by your partners, and are not sure how to extricate yourself from their reactionary demands.  Innovation is on its way to save the day.  Diplomacy only works when the other speaks the same language.  You might have to create the new mode of communicating.  You can.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto
You have been doing double duty with the God of death and the God of responsibility both sitting In your sign.  At least you can’t be totally self destructive.  No backing yourself in the corner and stinging yourself.  You truly relish the battle even more than Aries.  Your method of war is far more far reaching.  No one sees it coming, even you

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter
What is racism?  Cole Porter wrote and Louis Armstrong sang. “Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it”. The Hindus have the hierarchy of the bottom rung being untouchable.
The human need to delegate itself into special interests groups makes no sense.  Yes, money will create cushions or barriers.  You are needing to take care of your garden. Occupe toi de tes onions.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn
Mythic responsibility is your theme.  You will not stand for propaganda.  The building will not stand if the foundation has not been worked out. As an American, remember most are jealous of what they perceive we have.  With all the misdirection and Hollywood glamour, we are really a populace of magicians.  Your ideas are being heard and your partners will slip up to the plate.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus
Chaos is not the terrifying word to you it is to most of us. You can easily drift over into hyperspace.  Bet you liked the movie Gravity….  When I think of meditation thru movement I think of dervishes and you can probably identify.  Try and let the water be a part of your interactions with people.  You are the water carrier, even if you are an air sign.  Most of us feel before we think.

Pisces ruled by Neptune
You are there to help resolve the turmoil the grand cross is causing.  The tensions of reform and bloodlust are boundary less for you.  As a distant planet Neptune can move the waters of our planet to sooth too much emotion.  In Pisces, he is unconditional love.
King Lear moved the oceans to shock and sooth his community.  Fall in love in May

As Above, So Below. Be well – Mary Michele
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