Art: Art Deco Inspired

The Art Deco era spans the time period between the two World Wars.  During that time all genres of art were influenced by the frivolity of the 1920s, the austerity of the 1930s and drive of the 1940s. Music, furniture design, art and architecture all reflected the moods of the era.  Art Deco continues to influence today’s artists.  Many local artists and artisans draw from Miami Beach’s tropical Art Deco for their works.

MDPL is currently showing “Art Deco Inspired”, an exhibit of artists’ works that have been inspired by Art Deco and Miami Beach. On display are the works of four photographers and two sculptural artists.

Jimmy Agostinho

Mr. Agostinho creates wooden replicas of Art Deco hotels.  The hotels contain drawers that can be used to store jewelry and secrets.

Luca Artioli

“ArtDECOnstruction” is an amazing series of photos that offers Miami, an absolutely unexpected and original vision of the Art Deco Historic District.

Bruce Carrington

“Tropical Deco Motif Collection” captures the various shapes, forms & designs created by notable Art Deco architects during the 1920-1940′s era.

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

The Miami Beach Art Deco color palette of florals, pinks, pastels and bright cheery hues has influenced Mercer Clark’s photography.

Ruben Consa

Mr. Consa designs floral sculptures made of steel, aluminum, wood, glass and floral elements that are inspired Miami, Art Deco and Latin cultures.

Mary Beth Koeth

“The Collector” is a series of intimate portraits of Robert “Raven” Craft a local icon that is a part of Miami Beach.

The exhibit is free and open to the public from August 1st through August 31st. MDPL, 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. For info:
(305) 672-2014 | or their web here.

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