Art: ArtCenter/South Florida Conversation with Carol Jazzar

Celebrated Miami gallerist Carol Jazzar, recognized as a rising star thanks to the notoriety of her home/garage gallery, transports the work of six of her artists to ArtCenter/South Florida for their first-ever pop-up show with a gallery – On Location: Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art.

Curated by Jazzar, the subject matter of the exhibition is masculinity, and features:  – David Rohn and Jorge Pantoja – plus Robert Huff, duo Brad Kuhl & Monique Leyton, and Roberto Visani at the Richard Shack Gallery, 800 Lincoln Road.

Jazzar’s sensibility is renowned for being fresh, off-the-beaten path and full of surprises. Her alternative art space was even heralded in The Wall Street Journal by Mitchell Wolfson, who said: “This independent curator’s gallery, housed in the owner’s garage, has audacity, style and intelligence, and it’s not so easy to find, which makes it fun.”

“Showing a selection of my artists at ArtCenter’s prime location on Lincoln Road is a win-win for all,” said Jazzar. “A different audience will be able to discover the gallery and the artists I work with. Art lovers from all walks of life will be exposed to new work they might not otherwise see. By working with ArtCenter on their first pop-up show, I can reach out and acquire  new contacts and discover new artists.”

ArtCenter’s Artistic Director Susan Caraballo said: “By forging these new relationships, we help to broaden circles of access and interchange for those working in the art world – enabling different artists, gallerists, museum professionals and collectors to connect, share ideas and spark new collaborations.”

According to Jazzar, the show aims to reflect different aspects of masculinity and the consequences of living in patriarchal societies imbued with violence, wars, the effects of money and Wall Street, and the struggles for power.

Moderated by Artistic Director Susan Caraballo, a conversation with gallery owner Carol Jazzar and other gallery and alternative space directors will be held on Wednesday, October 23 at 7pm to address the many alternatives that have arisen in the art world that challenge the traditional gallery system. Participating Galleries/Organizations: Carol Jazzar | Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art, Mark Dean | Dean Project, Adler Guerrier | Dimensions Variable, Brook Dorsch | Emerson Dorsch, Nina Johnson-Milewski | Gallery Diet and Carmen Ferriera | State of Wonder.

This is the second presentation of ArtCenter’s new On Location series.

Artists in the exhibition:
Robert Huff has had a long career as a practicing artist and as Visual Arts Department Chair of Miami Dade College, South Campus. He is now producing his most vibrant works. His work hovers between image and object, dispassionately de-constructing familiar places, probing their archetypal status in our collective consciousness.

Kuhl & Leyton use multi-colored tape as a drawing medium to depict white collar crimes. The two works presented illustrate notorious cases: the Madoff Ponzi scheme and the corruption of lobbyist Jack Abramoff. These original compositions translate information gleaned from news media into pictorial episodes.

Jorge Pantoja’s works on paper are stills from movies the artist selects and reproduces from memory. Viewers will recognize scenes from movies that feature male characters responding to extreme pressures, such as The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Midnight Cowboy.

David Rohn’s photographic self-portraits allow him to inhabit male “types.”  Masculine markers such as power and dominance interest this artist as he transforms his persona for each one. The collection of portraits is a veritable “rogue’s gallery,” including such figures as The Aristocrat, Construction Man, The Caregiver, Technical Man and The Soldier.

Roberto Visani’s guns are fabricated from found objects and unconventional materials. These sculptures are totems made from humble materials that express both the persistence of masculine aggression and the ineffectualness of violence.

A conversation with Carol Jazzar (Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art), Mark Dean (Dean Project), Adler Guerrier (Dimensions Variable) and other gallerists will take place Wednesday, Oct. 23rd at 7pm and is open to the public. More information is available at 305/674-8278 and

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