Art Basel: Invisible Muse


Anthony Liggins’ passionate mixed media abstracts explore the rhythmic quality of images: how color, texture, shape, and even three-dimensionality can create a flow of movement in our mind’s eye. Liggins is inspired by several great, nuanced concepts, such as global interconnectivity, eastern philosophies and spirituality, and religions from around the world; but instead of tethering himself to particulars, he translates these tangled topics into visual truths. One canvas shows swoops of red acrylic layered with a looping, soaring length of twine. The two lines mimic each other in some places and clash in others, offering the viewer rests and dashes, rises and falls, smooth paint and fragile string. Another work shows simple bands of color — which become infinitely complicated in their transparencies and inner textures, as they melt into each other and jostle for supremacy. Liggins varies both his compositional and application techniques, but his works are always unmistakable in their complex, deeply felt emotions.

Liggins is based in Miami and he has exhibited extensively across the United States and Europe. His work is represented in collections globally.

He will be showing during Art Basel at his own gallery, December 6, in a Group Show, Invisible Muse, Journey of the Soul, with artists, Eric Mack and Abby Modell.  Expect an evening of fine art, cocktails and a special live musical performance from Panacea Project.

TO GO: December 6, from 6pm – 9pm. Gallery 88, 237 20th St; Miami Beach. For info: Runs through Feb, 14, 2014.

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