Art Basel: Kenton Parker The Contender


Last year L.A. art star Kenton Parker soloed con tacos at that Beach House called Soho; this year the dimension-defying visionist will one-man-stand at the brand new space built by the infamous and renowned Primary Projects. The core of the story? Flowers. And what they do for a fella whose”emotions [tend to]run amok”. For Parker, “sorry” isn’t the hardest word at all; it’s one of the most frequent.

97a18c36-ebf4-455e-8965-42242f606b58_lcEasier said though tends to leave a cat undone, and in “The Contender” Parker attempts to undo a lifetime of done wrongs. Okay, so there may also be a few of done rights, but those didn’t leave behind the kinda mess one regrets, let alone the sorta pain one can never forget.

More to the point, it’s not the highs that drive the driven to create, it’s those bloody lows; the mornings when you’ve gotta scrape yourself off the sidewalk, the afternoons where you burnt your face trying to kiss the sun, the nights when dark wasn’t even close to being dark enough, so you pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes.

Parker knows that it’s there, in the cracks, where the light gets in, and it’s then, when he cracks, that he comes closest to true illumination. The secret is finding the flash that led you astray in the first place, and seeing if you’ve got guts enough to grab the beam by its glow and own it. Who knows? It just might lead the way ahead.

TO?GO: Runs through December 7th. Primary Projects Space, 151 NE 7th ST. Miami, FL 33132. For info:

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