Art Basel: Natvar Bhavsar, Philosophy of Color


Artist Natvar Bhavsar has a solo exhibit, Philosophy of Color on view at the Arevalo/Sponder Gallery during Art Basel.

artwork_images_149852_834450_natvar-bhavsarBhavsar, born in 1934 in India, moved to New York City nearly 50 year ago and became influenced by the freedom of abstract painting. Employing some techniques from the Indian tradition of sand painting, Bhavsar paints by soaking the canvas with acrylic-based liquid binders that absorb and hold the fine pigment powder. He applies the base using a sifting technique with a screen, during which layers of fine, concentrated pigment are sprinkled and drizzled over the canvas. His works are on display through December.

SPONDER GALLERY has a strong focus on Abstract Expressionism and Color Field works. It is the Miami complement of Baker Sponder Gallery, which has been in Boca Raton at the Gallery Center for over 24 yrs. The galleries represent established and mid-career international artists while maintaining a strong inventory of secondary market work. They curate major sculpture programs at The Boca Raton Resort and The Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne.

natvar-bhavsar-poorna-iiAREVALO GALLERY has been established both for the promotion of 20th Century Latin American and International Art, and also of a greater understanding of the relationships between modern art movements and their influence on contemporary art. Thae gallery’s mission is to research and study the most relevant movements of European and Latin American Art in the twentieth century so as to identify its historic bearing while understanding their influence in the world and its evolution into the most contemporary art tendencies.

TO?GO: Arevalo/Sponder Gallery, 151 NE 40th St. Cartier Building, Miami. For info: (305) 576-2266.

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