Art: Roman Kriheli’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World


Meet The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Or at least, as far as Roman Kriheli is concerned.

avant-3Kriheli is the artist who painted this mysterious woman, or as he calls her, his Mona Lisa.

And just who is Roman Kriheli?

20 years ago, he was THE artist of choice for celebrities like Lenny Kravitz, Madonna and any art enthusiast or collector who had a taste for true art. Back then he was considered a master painter who created large-scale figurative work. Magnificent paintings that were an art collector’s dream.

Then, like many other artists at the time, he all but disappeared, only to re-appear at Avant Gallery with the aforementioned Most Beautiful Woman in the World.

For weeks, his work was hyped by the media around the world and then a few days ago, his Mona Lisa was revealed with much fanfare at Avant Gallery, during Art Basel.

avant-2The jury is still out on whether she is the next Mona Lisa, but what is certain is that Kriheli has not lost his magic touch or his ability to create brilliant masterpieces.

 Welcome back, Mr. Kriheli, welcome back.

TO SEE: Avant Gallery Downtown/Brickell – 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131. For info: (305) 573-8873 or

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