Art Basel: The Heineken Mural Project


You’ve been to art openings – there’s a DJ, there are drinks, there’s the artist being celebrated, and there’s a gallery packed tight with movers and shakers experiencing the work and sharing their thoughts. But what if those galleries expanded their walls or did away with them altogether? What if, rather than hanging work on gallery walls, the walls of the building were themselves transformed into works of art? What if, rather than ambling through a gallery, you could hop on a bicycle and explore for yourself? What would happen if the opening’s music became not just one unforgettable party, but many?

The answer is: The Mural Project by Heineken.

During this year’s legendary Art Basel, Heineken has put together a veteran dream team of street artists who will turn Miami into one huge, fabulous gallery. CP1, Chor Boogie, Estria, Prime and Don Rimx will leave their mark adding artistic value to the city’s thriving outdoor gallery including Miami-based prolific artist with the street cred to match, Trek6. The Heineken Artists feature a conglomeration of bi-cultural visionaries known to employ distinctive skills and vision on the murals they coat with their ideas, their passion, and their distinct identity. Tasked with the mission and creative freedom to interpret Heineken’s Open Your World message, the murals will take a life of their own and inspire all who bear witness.

Trek6 Art Wall

The artistic expression will be complimented by inspiring DJs, adding a soundtrack and a dance beat that will turn The Mural Project into a truly immersive audiovisual experience; you won’t just see the art, you’ll feel it and move to it. Want to experience it all? Art lovers will have no trouble sighting each mural and cutting through the Art Week traffic with the help of Wynwood Art District’s first Deco Bike rack from Deco Bike. This is the first time Deco Bike’s appearing in the pedestrian-friendly Wynwood Art District, allowing locals, commuters, and travelers to benefit from green transportation on Heineken-branded Deco Bikes complete with QR code map technology. The QR codes both on the map and murals will provide insider info regarding the murals, artists and special events right here.

So, stop by the Heineken Beer Garden at Wood Tavern, view work at the Heineken Hub and enjoy live music at The Stage during Miami’s Art Week. Spontaneous pop-up parties with Miami’s best DJs will surprise Heineken lovers at the mural sites and will be announced on Twitter with the hashtag #heinekenmurals.

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