Art Basel: William Sweetlove, Red Bulldogs


You can’t miss four huge bulldogs on top of a museum roof as you whiz by from Miami Beach to the Design District or downtown to Pamm. Bulldogs? Yes! Gloria Porcella, of Galleria Ca’D’Oro persuaded the museum to install four huge Bulldogs created by renowned Belgian artist William Sweetlove from ecologically friendly materials. Sweetlove loves to take and mix up toys and works of art by pushing the boundaries of reality. He is member of the artists’ collective The Cracking Art Group, in northern Italy. The members use a type of plastic produced via a thermo-chemical reaction in crude oil. This reaction, known as “cracking” is also the origin of the group’s name. In their manifesto, the Cracking Art Group call upon their members to spread a vision of the world suffused with elements of irony and ecological awareness.

TO GO: Runs through Art Basel week. Miami Children’s Museum rooftop, 980 Macarthur Causeway on Watson Island, Miami Beach, 33139. For info:



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