Art: Floral Fantasies By Ileana Collazo Opens for Little Havana Art Walk

Ileana Collazo, in her own words:

I learned all I needed to know about creating art at a very young age in my grandmother’s garden—where I sat doing what as an adult I have learned to call meditating—in the midst of the quiet, yet powerfully astounding beauty Mother Nature gifts us with each day if we are only willing to spend a little time in its company. Right there, I had all I needed, that garden became my temple; as colors, textures, and movement all came together to create ever-changing masterpieces.

Many years were to pass before I finally birthed the creations that were conceived in my early years. As a young adult, I wrote fiction and poetry—both still loves I remain faithful to—but there was something missing, something very dear to my heart that exploded into a world of colors, shapes, and, movements; much as the stars and planets are created. I began to paint—small pencil renderings became color temptations that led me down the path to my “Night Gardens Collection”. From there, it was just a matter of “following the yellow brick road”.

Today, my work includes not only flowers, but bursts of abstract shapes and colors, lines that form seductive structures. If I were to encapsulate the essence of my work, I would have to say that I create small worlds of movement, colors, and shapes that entice the observer to travel through my work surface—colliding with the images, finding their way around to yet another shape, and finding it as alluring to linger gazing at them as I find it to linger in the garden; also, my work is representative of the twists, turns, bumps, and alternatives that each of us transverses in the course of our daily lives.

As much as life and the world can be beautiful, and as much as I love beauty, I do my best to share their essence with you with every piece I paint; don’t neglect to linger looking at my work, or ransom a piece for yourself if you can’t seem to take your eyes off it. My paintings are my gift to the world, and to everyone who falls in love with my work.

TO GO: Floral Fantasies by Ileana Collazo is on exhibit June 14, 2003, during Little Havana Art Walk at Kontempo Art located at 1646 SW 8 St; Miami. Opening reception with the artist from 7pm – 10pm, Friday, June 14.

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