Art: Glen Daidone Reveals Wynwood At Dark in New Exhibition

Local photographer Glenn Daidone unveils a new series titled “Wynwood at Dark” at the Williams McCall Gallery South of Fifth. Kicking off with an artist reception that is open to the public on Saturday, November 9th at 6 pm, the exhibit will run until November 30th.

Wynwood at Dark is an essay of urban night photographs showcasing Miami’s vanishing warehouse district. The area dates roughly to Miami’s heyday with the requisite art deco detailing which beautifully complements Daidone’s stark, surreal, dreamlike style and reflects influences of 1940’s film noir and storybook illustrations from the same period.

“Night seemed a natural direction for these images as I wanted the viewer to “hear” the quiet which I consider to be a major component of these photographs. If silence could be considered audio, then that’s the soundtrack for this series – perhaps broken only by the occasional rustling of a drifting sheet of newspaper or the distant sound of a bottle breaking.”

“The color palette of storybook illustrations from the 40’s and 50’s that I love is revealed in the subtle light of night”. The high film speeds required in night photography create a grainier image, again evoking the chalky pastels of vintage illustrations and sometimes giving the photographs the appearance of paintings, reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s darker work.

?This essay was born of a desire to document what is left of the crumbling, rapidly disappearing, and yet captivating district before development erases it forever. “One can find vintage images of virtually every famous designer venue in Miami Beach: Fountainebleau, Eden Roc, Raleigh, but the structures in this essay are widely unsung – scarcely recorded, if at all.”

Glenn received a full scholarship to Manhattan’s prestigious Cooper Union from which he received his undergraduate degree in photography and a Masters in Industrial Design degree from Pratt Institute.?Over the past 20 years, Glenn has worked as a commercial photographer specializing in architecture and interiors.

TO?GO: Williams McCall Gallery, 110 Washington Avenue, CU-3, Miami Beach. For info: or 786.359.4321.

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