Art: I-95 South

Brooklyn and Miami Artists Collide at Art Center/South Florida’s New Exhibit.

Affectionately known as New York’s sixth borough, Miami Beach has long beckoned New York artists and collectors seeking fresh perspectives and revitalization. This cross-pollination forged strong links between the art Mecca up north and the tropical artist colony down south.

ArtCenter/South Florida, South Beach’s first art incubator, opened its doors in 1984 with a pioneering mix of artists presciently perched in the middle of Lincoln Road.

Fast-forward 29 years.

ArtCenter re-boots its New York-Miami affair, opening a new window into the future of this symbiotic tale of two cities. The new exhibition I-95 South features the works of seven emerging artists – four from Brooklyn and three from Miami (ages 24-33).

The Miami artists are Johnny Laderer, Gustavo Oviedo and Luis Pinto. The Brooklyn artists are Tyler Healy, Dean Levin, Evan Robarts and Kyle Yanagihara. The opening reception is August 7th at the Richard Shack Gallery, 800 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

“These artists’ works are influenced by their environment,” said Susan Caraballo, ArtCenter’s Artistic Director. “Whether by the underground art and music scene, the urban landscapes of Brooklyn or Wynwood, or their proximity to each other within the walls of their studio.”

“Together, they have reinvented the ‘canvas,’ developed new languages and reinterpreted their heritages.”

Concurrent with this exhibition is On Location: Artha Project, a working open studio transplanting the shared Brooklyn collective of three of the New York artists.

“On Location: Artha Project”

Transplants New York Studio Collective from Brooklyn Navy Yard to ArtCenter’s Project 924 on Lincoln Road. This show coincides with I-95 South and debuts ArtCenter’s Project 924 as a working open studio featuring New York artists Tyler Healy, Dean Levin and Evan Robarts.

Artha Project is a private residency program located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where three of the New York-based artists invited to exhibit in I-95 South share studio space together back home. ArtCenter recreates the spirit of their Brooklyn working space at Project 924 on Lincoln Road.

“We’re giving these New York artists carte blanche to transport the electrifying energy of their studio collective to our Miami Beach space,” adds Susan Caraballo. “Although these artists work independently at their shared residency space in Brooklyn, their proximity sparks inspiration and unexpected collaborations – precisely the scene we aim to create with the Studio Residency program at the ArtCenter,” adds Caraballo.

The opening reception for On Location: Artha Project is also Aug. 7th, 7-10 p.m. but two blocks west of the Richard Shack Gallery at Project 924 (located at 924 Lincoln Road). This installation closes Sept. 8th.

How will today’s new generation of emerging artists migrating between New York and Miami collide? ArtCenter provides the space to ponder this question and peek into the future.

“ArtCenter was South Beach’s first art incubator almost 30 years ago, and we refuse to rest on our laurels,” adds Maria Del Valle, ArtCenter’s Executive Director.

“The migration of artists from New York during the 80s and 90s pioneered South Beach’s rebirth, and the subsequent art world vortex in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach.”

Panel Discussion August 7 at 6pm. Opening Reception August 7 from 7pm – 10pm. Also on view is Artha Project @ Project 924. ArtCenter/South Florida, 800-810 & 924 Lincoln Rd; Miami Beach. For info:

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