Art Profile: Carla Fache


Who are you?

I am Carla Fache, an artist.

What do you do in real life?

Painting is my real life, that’s what I do, and I am fortunate to be able to live and express it. You see, when you are an artist, there is no a “ before and after”, there is always a “during”.

Besides this ”Work -life”, I am like any other human being; I go to buy groceries, take my dog for a walk, go to museums, and try my best to connect with new things and discover new places. I love going to the beach, especially in the afternoon to watch the sunset. I like the urban life; like going to music concerts but also I am a very homey person. I like to enjoy the good food and enjoy a good conversation.

In other words, I am a free spirit: always looking for new ways to express and grow the passion that keeps me alive, and I think that’s one of the pillars of my “Work-life”.

I am truly believer that life is a work of art. Therefore, I am an artist 24/7.

What do you like the most about what you do?

Being able to channel what you sense and generate a proposal of that moment, of that dimension, of that instant; and, subsequently, generate connections between art, my vision, viewers and all the instants and energy that participated in that moment of time and future. If you really think about this idea, I could say that I am still painting all my finished art works, only that at this time, is what the viewers see every time they see the painting, and each of the connections that happen after that.

In addition, being able to see the work society from a corner, but still being able to participate in it, is priceless and requires a lot of braveness. I have my own schedule and I control my times. Nonetheless, to be an artist is not an easy path, but I love my job more than anything in this world, and that is priceless.

What is your process?

I don’t have a unique process. I have several ways.

Each of those ways is very intuitive and could be very different from one another. Usually I begin by creating a large idea of the painting I want to create in my head, and then I try to envision it and approach it in a more detailed way.

Then, I start transferring the painting into the canvas intuitively. At this stage the painting evolves, starts to take life, surprises me with its own voice, and the dialogue begins. There’s a lot of staring and thinking about what should go next during this moment.

Throughout the life of creating a painting, I aim is to be it as much unpredictable as possible. That’s why I don’t talk about process, but ways. Like a dialogue you have with different people, but this time with the painting.

What inspires you?

Inspiration can be a “cliché” word, and I believe in working hard. For me that’s the meaning of Inspiration.

Inspiration can find me in any place and at any time, but for me the true one happens when I am in the middle of a painting, and begins to get life of its own.

This process is a continuous journey in which I try to develop day by day.

I could say that there are certain places that seduce me much more to paint- usually in my art studio is where I am completely focused and solely guided by the painting- but I can feel a painting in any space, such as when I am driving, or looking at the ocean, or listening to music, or in silence, or in the chaos of an urban environment…

Why Geometric Shapes?

Because this is how I communicate with what I feel and express through paintings.

But is not only geometric, is so much more than that. It involves everything, from the areas with a lot of color to the ones that might feel unbalanced, from the textures to what you cannot describe. Using geometrics and color perhaps are the most recognizable part of it, because they are universals channels. Like, for example, when you listen to a conversation in other language, and you are able to recognize some of the words they are using to communicate. This could give you an idea of the meaning.

The reason why I used them is because my language is universal and geometrics just come into the painting by their own. The geometry I use is completely intuitive and freehand. Nothing is calculated with math, hence everything in the painting respond to an unconventional rule that causes the paint to be free and have life, just like the universe.

What does color mean to you?

The pulse and the energy, the lack and the intensity, the rhythm.

The color for me is the blood of life; the world is not just black, it comes with thousands of singularities, and in all its cycles.

For example, a seed germinates in the dark and then there comes the color. Or if we think in human’s cycle, there is supposedly darkness before we get into this life and then there is an awakening to color. Even if I think of these two last examples, I can feel color, and not only as the way we actually see it. It has many dimensions

What is your all time favorite piece?

Crossed Destinies. For me that painting has a lot of mystic and intellectual energy. It is very difficult for me to express that painting in words, it has to be experienced.

What piece have you dreamed of creating?

My next big-scale 2013 – 2014 paintings. I want to extend further my painting to larger formats, without rules.

I am working on a project that mixes paintings and concepts. It focuses on silent poetry. I’ve also been making a number of large-scale paintings, which are very physically and mentally demanding; but I am enjoying the whole approach. As my essence is quite rebel, I’m using that energy in a well-guided manner. I am daring to mix everything and I am very entertained in the process.

Who is your greatest influence?

Myself. My own perseverance and strength to believe in what I do blindly.

Does your heritage find its way into your painting?

Being from a family that have crossed boundaries to make their dreams come true, talks about daring to give those extra steps, leaving the confort zone to learn and grow. Being a painter is an example of that, as well as coming from Chile to USA by your own. At the end, It is all about braveness and that is on my heritage.

What age did you know art was your thing?

Since I was seven I dreamed on being a painter, and I imagined myself painting in the future since then. When I was 20 I promised myself to be true to my gift, assuming any challenge of what becoming an artist involved, and the rest is history. This is not an easy a path, but once you feel it and you are true to yourself; it only gives you more energy to continue evolving.

Describe your personal style like a good friend of yours would?

Strong will, Good heart, positive, sensitive, sometimes melancholic, Curious, rebel, funny, crazy, trying to connect the world through art.

What books, mags do you have on your bedside table?

Mainly Art books and also right now there is a Chilean food recipe book

Where you‚will find me on a Friday night at 10pm?

It depends, but definitely enjoying life.

If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?

With Gerhard Richter. Our works have similar connections. When I had the opportunity to see his artwork at the Tate Modern in London, it was a revelation to see the frequency I shared with an artist. Our works don’t need long explanations: they speak for themselves.

Fache will lecture July 20th in Hollywood around her current exhibition, Beyond the Invisible. Her exhibit runs through August 2. Reception 6pm – 9pm. Young Circle Gallery, 1 Hollywood Blvd; Hollywood. For info: 954.921.3500 or


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