Art: The Whimsical Sculptures of Connie McSilver Debut in Miami


The worlds of psychology, social work and art collide into a crescendo of exceptional art as mixed media artist, Connie McSilver, debuts her unique series at one of South Florida’s top art galleries.

McSilver will showcase her latest series of sculptures and paintings at the event; her works include pieces such as: “Big Umbrella Man”, “Mama Best”, “Split Personality” and “Mother Totem”, all of them made of fiberglass and brought to life in living colors with automotive paint.

McSilver is a highly respected social worker and retired psychoanalyst who holds a PhD, and is a board member of a prestigious university and founder of the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research. She evokes the upheavals, triumphs and sorrows of her professional experiences as inspiration in her passion for art. Her work is mostly three dimensional in the form of brash and brightly colored sculptures, but also includes two dimensional paintings that follow the same style.

“Art has been my passion for many years and I have shared it with friends and family” said McSilver, “through this first exhibit in Miami I look forward to expand my horizons while inspiring and touching people’s lives” she added.

McSilver’s works are bold, vivid and often whimsical. She pours her passion for helping others into her artwork, which often shows in camouflaged and masked human figures that transcend into a fantasy world. Each piece delves into the intricacies of the human psyche, but with a humorous twist. In addition, Connie McSilver donates proceeds of her sales to a university scholarship fund.

TO?GO: An opening exhibit event will be held on Thursday, January 30, 6pm – 8pm. Markowicz Fine Art Gallery, 114 Northeast 40 St; Miami Design District. For info:

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