Art: The Wolfsonian FIU Celebrates Page at a Time Student Artwork

Five unique books created by fifth grade students will be on display in the lobby of The Wolf starting today. This exhibition is the final product of Page at a Time—a long-running interdisciplinary arts-education program created by The Wolf in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Page at a Time, now completing its fifteenth year, focuses on social and political themes reflected by objects in the collection. On a yearly basis different schools participate in this program jointly taught by classroom and art teachers. The students created unique books examining a variety of issues. The book from Southside Elementary explores the impact of rapid urban development on Brickell Avenue and how to preserve green spaces for the people who live and work there. Another book from South Pointe Elementary shows poems and illustrations to address the use and abuse of the world’s natural, technological, economic, and human resources. South Miami K-8 Center students have created a powerfully symbolic book representing the painful consequences of bullying on children. The books are entirely student-created, from the text to the artwork, to the varied formats, and are made out of diverse materials. As part of the preparation for creating the books for this exhibit, the students visited The Wolfsonian a number of times, received tours of the collection and participated in hands-on bookmaking activities. The students then worked collaboratively in their classes to identify a conflict and develop a visual concept for addressing the subject, including deciding on a format for their book. Each student then created his or her own page of the book as part of the class project.

“Page at a Time is a very strong interdisciplinary program and great model for museum-based education. During the program, students learn about specific topics such as history, visual arts, and writing, as well as art books, museums, and the interconnections between these topics. Students then apply their new knowledge to a creative project,” notes Kate Rawlinson, The Wolfsonian’s assistant director for learning and engagement. “It’s invigorating for the educators and a memorial learning experience for the students and their families.”

This year’s participating schools are: South Pointe, Colonial Drive, and Dr. Carlos J. Finlay elementary schools, as well as Southside Elementary Museums Magnet, and South Miami K-8 Center. Page at a Time—the book—is also available as a print-on-demand catalog titled Facing Conflict: 10 Years of Page at a Time. The seventy-page catalog documents the first ten years of the program, including photographs of all books produced in that time as well as an in-depth look at five of the books.

TO GO: The exhibit is on View in the Museum’s Lobby, May 9 – June 2, 2013. The Wolfsonian is located at 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. Admission is $7 for adults; $5 for seniors, students, and children age 6 – 12; The museum is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from noon – 6pm; Friday from noon -9pm; and is closed on Wednesday. For info: 305.531.1001 or or

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