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Philip Ross Munro Rescue darker

’Tis the season in Miami, a little warmer than usual, but still the time of year when music venues, art galleries, outdoor cafes and a multitude of festivals are buzzing with activity.

This past Thursday, Philip Ross Munro Gallery’s February Heart Show featured an extensive showing of a lifetime’s worth of photographs, paintings and multi media series.  A few of this prolific artist’s series include hearts, ancient Roman Madonna-inspired faces, and spectacular underwater nudes. During the last twenty years Munro has shot underwater images in natural bodies of water; using uncontrolled situations and everyday people instead of professional models. This production reveals the artist as a ‘Documentarist’: an observer of mind / body relationships to circumstance. He chronicles the nuances of human comprehension and situation, exposing sensuality in a delicate balance. For a schedule of upcoming shows and/or private viewing contact:

Electric Kif on stage at Will Call

Electric Kif on stage at Will Call

Friday’s Happy Hour at Will Call, (4-8p) with half price drinks and inexpensive bar food provided us with fantastic live music by Electric Kif, Miami’s own groove jazz and funk, instrumental band featuring Eric Escanes, lead guitarist, Rodrigo Zambrano, bass, Jason Matthews, keyboard and Armando Lopez, drums. Electric Kif is working on their current CD which will be out this summer.  This is not your average happy hour background music, rather more of a  rev-you -up-band, and most definitely a jumping off point for the weekend. The stage is visible from any seat at Will Call’s enormous bar, however, when the bar seating is filled, and it will be once the word is out on the well priced goods and free but stellar music to accompany them, cafe tables and chairs front and center of the band are available.

Magnus at Primary Projects

Magnus at Primary Projects

Just a stone’s throw out the back door of Will Call is Primary Projects, a multidisciplinary project space that explores and promotes multiple forms of aesthetic expression from established and emerging artists. Last Friday the gallery presented artist Magnus Sodamin’s Into The Rainbow Vein. A a debut solo exhibition exploring the twilight between nature and the cosmos. Magnus means “great” in Latin, which is fitting for each of Sodamin’s colossal canvases are a grand trip for the eye as well as the mind’s eye. One can stand in front of a Sodamin painting and feel consumed by color and aspect, certainly a trip worth taking.



If you step off the usual path of N.W. 2nd Avenue during Art Walk, you will find a trove of hidden treasures deep in the pockets of Wynwood including some well established galleries like Ricart Gallery. Ricart opened it’s latest exhibition Saturday night with “Curiosity Killed The Cat” featuring photographers Tiziano Magni, and Carter B. Smith.

Magni, a well respected fashion photographer for the past twenty years, was the first to photograph Kate Moss during her ad campaign for Calvin Klein with Mark Wahlberg. His larger than life photographs shot in the days of film, are a collection of nudes, many of them then and now,famous models. The beauty of Magni’s female life forms, uninhibited, and uncluttered, are stunning.

Smith’s collection, a bit more voyeuristic is a “personal exploration navigating through this hyper-accelerated reality fueled by fame, sex, decimated nature, curious geometries and getting lost in the frivolity of it all.” Unlike Magni’s premeditated style developed through the world of fashion, Smith’s style is the complete opposite.  His photographs are more or less a spontaneous capture of the-camera-always-at-arm’s-reach, developed through his generational experience as a music video director of leading artists. At first glance, Smith’s content is raw and somewhat shocking, however, after a moment, one is pulled in, albeit through a voyeuristic curiosity.

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