Astrology: July 2013

Certain words have become a part of our vernacular and we sometimes forget their origins. Joseph Cambell’s word “bliss” is a compilation of the many myths and belief systems he studied. What does it mean to you? Carl Jung’s “collective unconscious”and “synchronicity” are also words that require a bit more contemplation.

Astrology is a language of symbols and correspondences.

This month we are swimming in the waters of our feelings. Enjoy floating.

Read your rising sign if you know it.

Aries ruled by Mars

Men and their toys. Do you like chain saws? Power is seductive and very much a necessary part of the human condition. Being required to contain duality is not your favorite thing. A surgeon cannot be indecisive about where to make the incision. Do not try to be in too many places at once.

Taurus ruled by Venus

The object of desire might seem a bit bright and shiny to you. Copper, silver and even gold tarnishes. More so when the ocean is engulfing. You are comfortable with water and enjoy paddling. Make time for friends, groups and things that might be out of the ordinary. Mothers, and older women will be most front and center.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

Certain African tribes honor the Twins, you can embrace the duality of the mind better than most of us. This month, should bring any old issues with money or property to a place you can handle with ease. Hold off starting something new. Your energy is able to plan with insight. Enjoy behind the scenes.

Cancer ruled by the Moon

With all of those lovely flowers and smells, is there any need to attract conflict in the world of business? Opportunities are coming your way, and be open to them all. War, passionate feelings and poignant pathos, are equal partners in the human condition. As you are here to emote, try them all out.

Leo ruled by the Sun

As the carrier of the torch, it is a bit tricky to maneuver all the water around you. Keep Pandora and her last visitor Hope in the forefront of your mind. Like the tides, the waves of lunacy have an ebb and flow, so your glorious light can be appreciated. The monetary self worth you seek, will flow soon.

Virgo ruled by Mercury

Look for support through the people who nurture. As a perfectionist, you can remember the sensation of unconditional surrender. Open to the illogical. Natural disasters come and go. The Supreme Court reverses that which seemed set in stone. As a mutable sign, you are more than flexible. Plus ca change……

Libra ruled by Venus

Air is not necessarily disrupted by water. You navigate with flowing sails and butterfly wings. Venus came forth on a sea shell. Look to be a teacher, inform and allow the objectivity of thought to embrace you. Side step opinions and decisions. Vibration through music, can be ever so uplifting.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

What is the difference between murky waters and clear rolling waves? This is an itch you are always wanting to dissect. The crab moves sideways but does not sting. Cast adrift and leave the depth of the ocean to others. Your alter ego, the eagle is enjoying wind in his wings. You are presented with new things to contemplate and perhaps a trip.

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter

The conundrum of inspiration is being supported by the emotions. This is a very difficult thing to put into words. Japanese tradition encourages the ability to stay quiet when being punched with outrage in the gut. You are the philosopher, but you do like action. Best to play in the sandbox, sing in the shower, juggle the ping pong balls.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

How are your knees? Saturn equals structure. If you are allowing the need to control to be less evident, your structure is holding. Partners are testing your limits. Enjoy swimming with the dolphins in your mind. The old man with the scythe, you, encourages the new baby and new ideas.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

The water bearer is an air sign. Air, at sea level is 784 less dense than water. But the power of air to move trees and other masses is extraordinary. The symbol of revolution and equality, Uranus, has tremendous energy at the moment. You are used to being the out of the box thinker. Find an area of service to use your ideas.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

A grand trine of water signs supports your day dreaming. Try and not be too active and take advantage of this. Rainy days can be darker than snowy ones, as the sun reflects off the earth covered in white. We must perceive the underworld as a gift. If you do not have nightmares, there can be no creative new beginnings.

As above, so below

Be well,

Mary Michele

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