Astrology: May 2013

Let’s hear it for the first of May. Hurray Hurray! It is the time of the year to celebrate the sensuous and silly. The animal in all of us responds to the senses. The look, sound and smell of something is what we need to see as fresh. The ground becoming softer and new life emerging means the concept of play is foremost. Love is more comfortable the second time around.

Read your ascendant if you know it.

Aries ruled by Mars

Mars is in Taurus. The earth must be tilled to plant. The drama of your life will be contained to focus on cooperation. There will be plenty of opportunity to connect with new and old friends. Be gentle with your actions, your natural impulsiveness will have support in most endeavors as long as you temper with observing others sensibilities.

Taurus rule by Venus

“How to live forever”….wait and see, a film made by Mark Wexler. At any age we can have a fear of death. The incoming of life and the outgoing have an ongoing embrace. Taurus’ symbol of the Maypole, (and we all know what that represents…) and Scorpio’s death wish, never tire of poking each other. In Wexler’s movie there is an Indian Laughing guru. He teaches yoga through having your breath escalate into belly laughs, the very best form of meditation.

Gemini ruled by Mercury

Since October, Jupiter, the good guy, has been out of sorts, now he is giving you a boost to get out of the closet. Try and find the same color socks and go in one direction and not twenty. Meta-ta-physica has it’s roots in “what sustains the appearances of nature.” In the progress of life, Gemini, as the first Air sign coexists with the concrete and the abstract. Information can be overdone and repetitive.

Cancer ruled by the Moon.

The Moon rules involuntary muscles and mysticism. You were given the gift of moving sideways. Most traditions have their roots in Shamanism and the simplistic joy of accepting emotional Shamanistic rituals is yours to interpret. In other words, if it doesn’t make sense, “who cares?” Water does like to possess and take over, but the involuntary muscles do regurgitate and eliminate. You will find the flow easy to follow this month.

Leo rule by the Sun

You create the dance. Fire enhances the experience of observing. Leo rules children, theater and romance. In fashion today is the derogatory use of the word, narcissim. Confidence or the lack thereof, would not exist if we didn’t all have a bit of it. The 20thcentury idea in theater of the fourth wall, is the way the audience stays as observer. This is also a way of creating boundaries in life. A bruised Leo needs to have his enthusiasm appreciated.

Virgo ruled by Mercury

Revel in the sensuous and close contact with the earth. Your honoring of logic and analysis is a gift you do not always need to practice. Your vulnerable spot is the second brain in the stomach. Be gentle with it. Buddha saw the belly as the seat of wisdom. Rub it, talk to it. Be sure and hear it. Visualize Maria on the hill in the Sound of Music. “The hills are alive….”

Libra ruled by Venus

The scales of Justice, a blind lady, how often do you feel the logic of her? A singer must learn to control the involuntary muscles of breathing and sustaining breath. The process is not linear. Be aware of your own sound and rhythm, perhaps not in words. With Air as your element, the mind is dominant, but for a little while just vibrate.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto

All this hoopla about appreciating a new life. Not exactly your focus. Find a Teddy Bear and leave the forensics for another time. Your relationships require flowers and tickles. Your usual idea of a good time is like Wednesday in The Addams Family. You can ask Mercury for a ferry boat ride to the other side and back…

Sagittarius rule by Jupiter

Others inspire you. Jupiter is ruler of the Gods and contains the leadership and wisdom. As a mutable sign you may not always stick to the program. The human brain enjoys polarity, be the inspiration others need of you. Have no fear, they will not remember tomorrow and will come in search of you again.

Capricorn ruled by Saturn

Your ruler is hanging out with his brother Pluto in the underworld. This makes your life more about letting go, dying than charging ahead. Not to worry, you are VERY good at waiting. Like fine wine, better with age. The Long Island Psychic is popular because she is so very cheerful when talking to dead people. Unlike self help Gurus, who are forever telling you what you are doing wrong

Aquarius ruled by Uranus

AKA =ADVENTURE! You do not wait on line. You may be an equal opportunity kind of guy but with a high dose of Russian Roulette. Some of the most talented race horses need blinders at the track. Your element electricity is predictably good at bouncing. The earth is there for you, let her envelope you in her embrace.

Pisces ruled by Neptune

It may not be easy for you, but the rest of us truly enjoy the watery support you offer.

Even the laughing Guru cries thru his chuckles. Sometimes you are rigid because there are too many of us to look after. Look to the male principle surrounding you for support. As a rule the boundary problem is a female one. Or estrogen if you prefer hormones to gender; water blends, and fire surrounds.

As Above, So Below

Be well

Mary Michele

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