Profile: Jeff Morr


Who are you? Jeff Morr, founder and CEO, Majestic Properties. What do you do in real life? Exercise, direct the marketing efforts of Majestic … [Read more...]

Profile: David Shiffman


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: David Shiffman – Tee Shirt Entrepreneur Who are you? David Shiffman, a young entrepreneur living in south … [Read more...]

Politics: O-69

shane centre

  By Jeffrey Bradley Skullduggery abounds. Did you know that Miami Beach is about to get gambling? Maybe not the kind that’ll attract the Rat … [Read more...]

Profile: Master Sang


As you step through the doors of Master Sangs dojo, a sense of total calm overcomes you. Possibly, the understanding of a spiritual awakening to come. … [Read more...]

Profile: Ted Vernon


Putting a lid on life was never an option for this jack-of-all-trades. New York born Ted Vernon began his lust for triumph at an early age with … [Read more...]

Profile: Aaron Resnick


  To be presented with the “Shining Star” Award by the Arts & Business Council of Miami, Inc., is a highly recognizable accomplishment in … [Read more...]

Profile: Leonard Tachmes


Few people can say they’ve allowed groups of artists to run rampant in their homes but in 2005, art enthusiast Dr. Leonard Tachmes did just that. The … [Read more...]

Profile: Bradley Gutkin

Bradley Gutkin

From much-admired Bentleys and Ferraris to run-of-the-mill four-door sedans, South Beach Finest Hand Car Wash has seen and tended to just about all of … [Read more...]

News: Future of Miami Beach Convention Center Under Consideration


The future of the Miami Beach Convention Center could be one of an expanded, enhanced and aesthetically improved facility that attracts overlapping … [Read more...]