Politics: A Nightmare Averted: Governor McCollum


Christmas came four months early to a sweltering Florida last week. I feel like cuing up a particular song from The Wizard of Oz to describe how I … [Read more...]

Politics: Bo the Horndog’s Summer of Love


WHEN:  Last weekend WHERE:  Panama City Beach, Fla. The First Family, here to boost the local tourism industry in the aftermath of the Gulf oil … [Read more...]

Politics: 10 Reasons Why Evil Can’t Co-exist with Good


To a war-ravaged, landmine-strewn, impoverished country as Afghanistan – and its downtrodden, war-weary people – kind-hearted do-gooders the world … [Read more...]

Politics: Secrets We’d Really Like Exposed by WikiLeaks

Afghan War Diary

Many journalists probably never saw this coming:  A 92,000-page mammoth of a read  suddenly supplanting their best beach book of the summer, … [Read more...]

Politics: CRUUUNCH! Mayor Wrecks His – Er, Our – New BMW

Carlos Alvarez

Was it something I wrote, Mayor? You don’t think, do ya, that Carlos Alvarez might have had my column about him from a few weeks ago on his mind … [Read more...]

Can’t Say That: Chewing the Fat


“The South shall rise again!” …If, that is, it ever can pull its fat gut out from the dinner table under which it’s wedged, and away from … [Read more...]

Politics: “Ma’am, drop the Cookie Puss – Now!”


Lost in all the attention sucked up by Lindsay Lohan’s probation violation sentencing last week was an incident – from some weeks earlier – … [Read more...]

Politics: Carlos the Arrogant


If public corruption, wrongdoing, impropriety – any of it – were to rear up and bite Carlos Alvarez on the hiney, or slap him upside his face, it … [Read more...]

Politics: Unhappy with 2010? Blame the Damn Volcano!


What a year – I mean, half year.  Can you believe it?  2010 is already half gone:  Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.  Health care reform becomes … [Read more...]