Politics: Tar Balls On The Way!


BP.  Call them irresponsible.  Careless.  Vile, greedy, profit-driven, nature-polluting, wildlife-poisoning, blue collar job-killing … [Read more...]

Politics: A Womb With a View


Republicans have long espoused less government.  Particularly, this spring, when they wanted it to stay the hell out of Americans’ health care.  Never … [Read more...]

Politics: As goes San Fran, So May Go the Rest of Us


(EN ROUTE FROM SAN FRANCISCO) – I didn’t get a glimpse of it, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. A blanket of clouds beneath my jet obscured from view … [Read more...]

Politics: Public Gets Irked When Cops Abuse Perks


Cheer up, South Florida:  There are only 180 calendar days to go before the end of that annual six-month ritual we’re forced to sweat out… The … [Read more...]

Politics: So, what’s the Herald got against porn?


Once again the Miami Herald doesn’t have their facts straight or a clue about what they’re talking about.  Which of course has never prevented them … [Read more...]

Politics: Pass the Bowl of Sh–, Please


Abigail DuBearn is probably special-ordering a bumper sticker right now that declares: “I’M THE PROUD PARENT OF AN HONOR STUDENT WHOSE PRINCIPAL HAS … [Read more...]

Politics: Their Only Hope — A Woman Pope


A good woman is soon to leave County Hall at a time when we desperately need more like her. Infinitely more. These are Katy Sorenson’s final months … [Read more...]

Politics: Can He Say That?


Last week’s issue of Newsweek sports Texas Gov. Rick Perry (“Governor Goodhair” to his detractors) on the cover, big bold letters blazoned across his … [Read more...]