Miami-Dade, the Can’t Count County

Standing in long lines to vote in Miami.

An Angry Public Explodes  To be fair, the fiasco wasn't limited to Miami-Dade. Other counties throughout the state – including Duval (Jacksonville), … [Read more...]

Politics: Heads Must Now Roll


We Can Start with Rick Scott's, Then Penelope Townsley's Then... Imagine that. Florida awarded its highly-coveted 29 electoral votes in a crucial … [Read more...]

Politics: Forward It Is


Except for Flori-DUH, Which, Election-Wise, Is Still Backward You'd think that in twelve years we would have learned something. Anything. Like how … [Read more...]

Politics: Election 2012 Update


  “Supervisor of Elections Penelope Townsend should be fired immediately for incompetency.”?? Frank Del Vecchio, commenting on an array of … [Read more...]

News: Gongora: Lack of City Manager Applicants Surprised Commission

Michael Gongora

  The lack of applicants for the Miami Beach city managership “surprised” the City Commission, says Beach Commissioner Michael … [Read more...]

News: Del Vecchio: Manager Candidates Disappointing

mb city hall

After scouring the 61 resumes submitted in response to Miami Beach's search for a new city manager, local civic activist and South Pointe Residents … [Read more...]

Election Round-Up 2012


How Many Registered Voters Are There in Miami-Dade? As of October, according to Miami-Dade Elections, there are 1,281,368. Here is a breakdown … [Read more...]

Politics: Wenski the Buttinski


Archbishop Signals (Wink-Wink, Nod-Nod) Woe to Any Catholic Who Strays From the Flock Way back when, in my college days, given the assignment of … [Read more...]

BUSTED! Gus Lopez, His Wife and His Business Partner Jailed on Corruption Charges


  Miami Beach's controversial former procurement director, who until this year was a major spoke in the wheel of City Hall's plans to redevelop … [Read more...]