Politics: Here’s Turd Blossom, Meddling Yet Again


W. May Not Be on the Ballot, But Look What He's Bequeathed Us It's easily understandable and excusable if you, like everyone else, thought this … [Read more...]

Politics: Obama Tells UM Students: Get Fired Up


Neither a hot sun beating down upon them nor an hours-long wait in line deterred thousands from turning out last Thursday as President Obama brought … [Read more...]

Don’t Count Her Out Yet: Matti to Run Again?


And, The End of Israel? Look Who Thinks So (Or Doesn't) I've heard an interesting tidbit: the suggestion that Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower's civic … [Read more...]

Politics: The Man the GOP Should Have Nominated

Jon Huntsman

Had They Done So, He Might Now Be Clobbering Obama Underlying the muted enthusiasm – or lack of any – that Republicans (depending on whom you ask) … [Read more...]

News: Exposito: City Manager Doing Excellent Job


Miami Beach Commissioner Jorge Exposito said Tuesday that he thinks Jorge Gonzalez has done an “excellent job” and will vote to keep the city manager … [Read more...]

News: Two Former PAL Officials Have Yet to Hear from Mayor

Screen Shot 2012-10-07 at 1.16.53 PM

Mayor Matti Bower has yet to respond to two former presidents of the Miami Beach Police Athletic League who have requested both a meeting with her and … [Read more...]

News: Bower Remark Draws Rebuke


Two Past Leaders of PAL Want Mayor to Apologize Holiday season goodwill was not to be found last week between Mayor Matti Bower and the Miami Beach … [Read more...]

News: FAQs About the Casinos Debate


As provided by Miami Beach City Manager Jorge Gonzalez What is a “destination resort?” In addition to offering limited gaming facilities, a … [Read more...]

News: Casino Bill Won’t Pass


Tallahassee Lawmakers Tell Beach Leaders The move to approve destination resort casinos in South Florida is unlikely to pass the state legislature … [Read more...]