Politics: The King is a Fink! The King is a Fink!


When last I visited the matter five weeks ago, Norman the Auto Magnate was only threatening to summon up the punitive powers of a recall campaign … [Read more...]

Politics: South Flori-duh + 10


“Maggot shit!” she blurted. “These people here are lower than maggot shit.” My friend was royally pissed.  She had been on the phone with a customer … [Read more...]

Politics: Matti & Jorge: Fix Our Streets


Madam Mayor & Mr. City Manager: South Beach is a continuously shifting work in progress, like our shores whose sands wash up from and then return … [Read more...]

Politics: Boo! Ghosts, Goblins & Rick Scott, Too


“…AND WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE?” It’s the perennial, Halloween-night question that we pepper the costumed, goody bag-toting tykes and snot noses … [Read more...]

Politics: Nasty Boys & K Girls


Men are nasty. You women likely know as much already, but I’m not referring to the same nasty you’re probably thinking of.  You’ll have to flip over … [Read more...]

Politics: County Hall Recommends Twinkies for Everyone!


One day after the Great Recession of 2007-09 was declared dead-and-done by a national economic research bureau, the former city manager of Bell, … [Read more...]

Politics: 2 Bored First Ladies = Catfight. MrrrOWR!


Our peripatetic secretary of state has been working her pants(uit) off in recent weeks, squiring Netanyahu and Abbas to the negotiating table to hash … [Read more...]

Politics: Glenn Beck, You Dreck


From his vantage point high above one end of the National Mall, the Great Abe has a majestic view of some of our capital city’s most prestigious prime … [Read more...]

Politics: Shhh! Don’t Wake the Dead! They Need Their Sleep


Those damn killjoys are at it again.  Drat! The City of Miami wants to construct a skateboard park on a parcel of land next door to the historic … [Read more...]