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News: A Sign of Customer Service

Customer Service Sign

Going Beyond Expectations at the City of Miami Beach. The temporary sign at city hall beckoned me to celebrate Customer Service Week. That was just … [Read more...]

News: Take A Sign

Locker Front

Don’t Be Stupid In Paradise. I received several suggestions from City Attorney Jose Smith subsequent to the publication of my article about purse … [Read more...]

News: South Pointe Park Thief on the Loose

2013-01-19 South Pointe Robbery 3

Thieves have field days on the wonderful beaches of Miami Beach. Pickings are especially good for them lately at the elegant South Pointe Park in … [Read more...]

News: Crime on Miami Beach

MBPD Warrant Served

SPECIAL MIAMI BEACH POLICE UNIT HAS ITS HANDS FULL. If we don’t expect police activities and police departments to have an impact on crime, disorder, … [Read more...]

Commentary: Crawl Space


Everybody Needs Some Space I encountered a nicely dressed couple from Europe at the beautiful new Miami Beach library on 22nd Street. I was typing a … [Read more...]

News: Internal Affairs and Public Corruption


An Internal Affairs/Public Corruption Unit of the City of Miami Beach Police Department is Being Tested for Eventual Approval. The Miami Beach Police … [Read more...]

Commentary: The Fabulous Gay Minority of Hawaii


Honolulu, November 1998 Polenapa'a 'iaihoke aloha ikuleana like aikaua. (In love tightly bound, you and I share equal rights.) Many of Hawaii's … [Read more...]

News: Why Should I Help You?


Is god the bum at the bottom of being who got everything for nothing? Before I returned to South Beach, my Florida contacts warned me not to move … [Read more...]



An Update on Community Policing. Is It Working? The Miami Beach Police Department recently responded to a public clamor for better service with a … [Read more...]