News: Miami Beach Commission Candidates Leave Bower’s Group; New Candidate Joins


It's elections like these that max out the capacity of cliched musical-chair analogies. The SunPost won't add to it, but two candidates switched … [Read more...]

News: Hashtag R.I.P. Reefa


A Community Rally For Israel Hernandez, Teen Killed By Taser. It's been a while since the corner of 71st and Collins has seen so much life. Home to a … [Read more...]

News: Party like a State Attorney


Drunken Prosecutor Arrested in South Beach. A drunken Assistant State Attorney really wanted to get into Purdy Lounge in Miami Beach, and waiting in … [Read more...]

Aces High!

web-cover-copy copy

SOUTH BEACH ACE SELECTED AS THE DEVELOPER FOR THE MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER. The suspense grew on Wednesday with each hour that passed from the … [Read more...]

News: City Does Not Have Legal Waivers from Either Prospective Convention Center Developers

Jose Smith

In what started as a subdued acceptance of the City Manager's recommendations on the Convention Center by the Land Use Commission, quickly turned into … [Read more...]

News: One Man’s Push for a Latin Music Hall of Fame on Miami Beach

Roger Abramson

For the last two weeks Roger Abramson has been brimming with excitement. The well-known beach resident has been walking around with an idea that he … [Read more...]

News: MBCC Public Amenities Push

Portman CMC MBCC_PRESENTATION 201-250-27

A Look at One Companies Attempts to Educate the Public. A day after opening their model showcase room on Lincoln Lane, the principals of Portman CMC … [Read more...]

News: Convention Center Advisory Board Recommends Portman CMC


Just under a month before Miami Beach is expected to pick a team to redevelop its' convention center, the advisory board who bears the building's name … [Read more...]

Politics: Steve Berke Wants to Make A Movie, and Be Your Mayor

Steve Berke

Steve Berke has entered the Miami Beach Mayoral race the way you might expect him to, with a video on the internet. The comedian and activist … [Read more...]