Politics: Racial Debate

Mayor Phillip Levine

Anti-Hispanic Charges Throw Debate Into Chaos. On Tuesday, the Shore Club Hotel could have rivaled any well-coached daytime talk show audience. … [Read more...]

Politics: Commissioner Wolfson Yells Expletive at Steve Berke During Debate


It's a comedian's wet dream: to turn the heckles back on the heckler. That's what the once-comedian-now-mayoral-candidate Steve Berke is doing to … [Read more...]

Politics: Roger Abramson to Challenge Matti Bower in Group 3

Roger Abramson

Local Activist and Artist Roger Abramson announced his candidacy for the Miami Beach Commission this past week. He will seek the seat for Group 3 … [Read more...]

News: Save Our Trees


The trees are disappearing on Brickell Avenue. Everyday for a week now, the natural canopy around the affluent neighborhood has fewer and fewer … [Read more...]

News: Israel Hernandez’s Family Sues City of Miami Beach Over Wrongful Death


As Israel Hernandez lay dying on the ground, Miami Beach Police Officers were more interested in high-fiving one another than providing their captor … [Read more...]

News: Miami Beach Commission Candidates Leave Bower’s Group; New Candidate Joins


It's elections like these that max out the capacity of cliched musical-chair analogies. The SunPost won't add to it, but two candidates switched … [Read more...]

News: Hashtag R.I.P. Reefa


A Community Rally For Israel Hernandez, Teen Killed By Taser. It's been a while since the corner of 71st and Collins has seen so much life. Home to a … [Read more...]

News: Party like a State Attorney


Drunken Prosecutor Arrested in South Beach. A drunken Assistant State Attorney really wanted to get into Purdy Lounge in Miami Beach, and waiting in … [Read more...]

Aces High!

web-cover-copy copy

SOUTH BEACH ACE SELECTED AS THE DEVELOPER FOR THE MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER. The suspense grew on Wednesday with each hour that passed from the … [Read more...]