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News: In The Zone


Miami Beach Drops Study Of Form-Based Zoning. Potential study of a new approach to zoning in Miami Beach has been nixed by City Manager Jimmy … [Read more...]

Second Look?


HPB MAY HEAR LINCOLN ROAD DEVELOPMENT ITEM AGAIN. Miami Beach’s Historic Preservation Board (HPB) might have the opportunity to vote on August 12 to … [Read more...]

Sacred Ground


DEVELOPMENT ON CHURCH PROPERTY OUTRAGES MANY CONGREGANTS, RESIDENTS. Word that the Miami Beach Community Church on Lincoln Road, quickly and quietly, … [Read more...]

News: Rules Of The Road


MIAMI BEACH APPROVES NEW RESTRICTIONS ON SEGWAYS. In response to a flood of complaints from across the city, the Miami Beach City Commission approved … [Read more...]

News: Uber Fail?


Luxury Car Service Might Warrant Deeper Look. Miami-Dade government is looking a little less conflicted and anti-free market in the wake of press … [Read more...]

Coming Soon!


NORTH BEACH SENIOR CENTER IS BACK ON TRACK. After years of languishing, the opening of the senior center at 72nd Street and Collins Avenue, Bandshell … [Read more...]

News: Trouble On Main Street Miami Beach?


A local writer/publicist/business consultant and at least several residents are upset that Lincoln Road has become less hospitable to locals than in … [Read more...]

Trolley Time!


NORTH BEACH IN LINE FOR NEW TRANSIT OPTION. Although it's been talked about for years, and very seriously so the past year or two, north Miami Beach … [Read more...]

News: Rules for Segways Tightening on the Beach

Grieco 6

What began as a popular form of transportation and entertainment largely for visitors to Miami Beach has become enough of a nuisance that further … [Read more...]