From Comedy To City Hall?


MULTI-TALENTED ENTERTAINER-ACTIVIST STEVE BERKE SEEKS MAYORAL SEAT. A native Floridian going back three generations, Steve Berke was born and raised … [Read more...]

Scaled Down


PUBLIC OUTCRY PUSHES DOWNSIZING OF WATSON ISLAND DEVELOPMENT. In an abrupt about-face and under the specter of potential costly litigation and … [Read more...]

Built It… And They Will Come?

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Convention Center: Economic Generator Or Politicians’ Palace  It makes perfect sense. Miami Beach. Arguably the Americas’ most glamorous city. … [Read more...]


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CHANGE COMES FAST TO MAYORAL RACE WITH LIBBIN WITHDRAWAL. The race to supplant Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower in the center seat-throne of the city … [Read more...]

Loyal Opposition

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DISSENTING VOICES ON MBCC SELECTION VOICE STRONG POINTS. While five members of the Miami Beach City Commission last week firmly and unquestionably … [Read more...]

News: Opposition Party

Lyle Stern

Watson Island Coalition formed to Challenge Mega-development. Residents and groups from both Miami Beach and Miami are joining together to push for … [Read more...]

Traffic Terror?


MIAMI BEACH PREPARING FOR POTENTIAL CARPOCALYPSE. Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower called for an emergency meeting of the city commission this week in … [Read more...]

Construction Injunction?

Michael Gongora

Beach Commissioner Has Watson Island Development in his Crosshairs Commissioner Michael Gongora wants the City of Miami Beach to put its collective … [Read more...]

Support Groups


RIVAL BIDDERS FOR MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION CENTER REDEVELOPMENT HAVE LINED UP SUPPORTERS. When members of the Miami Beach City Commission meet in July … [Read more...]