Down To Two


Miami Beach Stumbles Ahead Toward City Manager Selection, Maybe As early as next week, the Miami Beach City Commission could be reviewing additional … [Read more...]

Promoting With Princesses


Princess Promotions has helped define an industry Kim Rubin was always good at putting together good, memorable events even if it wasn’t always in … [Read more...]

Art Basel: The Collectors


Top Collectors Accentuate the Art Basel Experience The eyes of the art world collectively turn on South Florida for this week’s incarnation of Art … [Read more...]

The Urbanist

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Tony Goldman, Grandfather of South Beach, Isn’t Slowing Down One Bit For Tony Goldman, it always begins with a vision. Literally. “I had a terrible … [Read more...]

Who You Gonna Call?

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  The League of Paranormal Investigators is on the job in Miami From the time she was a young girl, Atena Komar felt connected to a world of … [Read more...]

Critical Mass

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A galaxy of art spins around Art Basel Miami Beach It’s the big show. The Major Leagues of art. It’s the Alpha, the Omega and the by-all and … [Read more...]

Sight Blight

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Committee Rejects Plan For Billboard Window Advertising Up and down Washington Avenue and other Miami Beach streets, empty commercial storefronts sit … [Read more...]

Get in the Ring!

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When Sijuola Ade Shabazz was 15 years old, he moved from a small New Mexico town to the larger city of Las Cruces and found himself in conflict with … [Read more...]

News: Club Madonna Seeks Fair Play from Commission Once Again

Club Madonna

Up and down Washington Avenue, nightclubs that tickle the fancy of regional alcohol distributors advertisers, peddle their entertainment. One promises … [Read more...]