Film: Handcrafted Evocations


The snow falls on the cobblestone street like tiny bread crumbs, a sight so delicate it feels as if it was breathed into existence. It doesn't take … [Read more...]

Film: Internal Affairs


Steve Rogers stares dumbfounded at the gargantuan aircraft carriers, their shiny weaponry ready for deployment. His superior, the eyepatch-sporting … [Read more...]

Film: Far Out Deluge


It's possible to explain the (many, many) ways Noah, Darren Aronofsky's loopy, enthralling retelling of the oft-told Bible story, departs from its … [Read more...]

Film: Auteurs de Force


We admire their work, until we want to strangle them. That's the way it often goes with those idiosyncratic filmmakers who make their presence known … [Read more...]

Film: Praising MIFF, Dissing Speed


You could feel it in the air. That excitement movie buffs from all backgrounds bask in as they share decades-old anecdotes and discuss recent … [Read more...]

Film: Clingy Ma, Brainy Paw


They're joined at the hip, those two. Paloma, 35 and single, applies sunblock to her 15-year-old's back. That would be Héctor, doe-eyed, shy and still … [Read more...]

Film: Disaster Movie Gladiators


Your parents and grandparents might regale you with anecdotes of catching Richard Burton and Liz Taylor in period garb at the movie palace. Your … [Read more...]

Film: Oscar Shorts and the Wheelbarrow Dreamer


It has often been noted that the Academy Awards have a casual relationship with excellence, even in years when there's a wealth of cinematic riches … [Read more...]

Film: WWII Snooze, Candy Colored Treat


What is a revered work of art truly worth? Does it merit sending military troops deep into enemy territory to retrieve? These questions haunt The … [Read more...]