Film: Rising Embers


I was 15 minutes into The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and was relatively unsurprised at how underwhelmed I was by the movie so far. Unsurprised, … [Read more...]

Film: Borrowed Time


This wild stallion's in heat. No, not all those fine equine specimens parading around the rodeo in the opening scene of Dallas Buyers Club. I'm … [Read more...]

Film: Star-crossed Lovers


What causes a relationship to flourish? How does the spark upon that first glance lead to a lasting bond that's able to overcome many – if not all – … [Read more...]

Film: Acts of Defiance Across Space and Time


Solomon Northup tries to maintain his footing on the muddy ground. Around his neck, the noose threatens to break his neck if he so much as slips. … [Read more...]

Film: Fat Camp Rebel


Paradise: Hope, the third and final entry in Austrian auteur Ulrich Seidl's Paradise Trilogy, possesses a trait I thought I'd never see in any of his … [Read more...]

Film: AARP Jailbirds and El Nacho Más Macho


It doesn't happen very often, but once in a blue moon Sylvester Stallone reminds you that – within his limited range – he's actually a pretty decent … [Read more...]

Film: Captains Courageous


Hell hath no fury like cinephiles who've just been informed that one of their favorite fact-based movies is filled with inaccuracies. “But, but, but I … [Read more...]

Film: The Orbit Kerfuffle


Stop me if you've heard this one before: From a technical perspective, the film is beyond reproach, but I find the story rather … [Read more...]

Film: Best of Enemies


Is it the constant motion that hypnotizes us? The sheer power of a revved-up engine that elicits our undivided attention? Or is it the competitive … [Read more...]