Film: Landscape Art


The central figure in La Camioneta is sturdy, reliable, accommodating, and goes through a character arc that spans three countries and involves a … [Read more...]

Film: Synthetic Humans, Analog Machines


Is it possible for a movie to be too sensitive for its own good? That's the question I kept asking myself while seeing Short Term 12, a well received … [Read more...]

Film: Decadent Narcissists, Boozy Bohemians


So I kinda liked The Canyons. There, I said it. The summer's indie cause célèbre/laughingstock, which had reviewers falling over themselves coming up … [Read more...]

Film: True Believers


She takes the large crucifix above her bed and cradles it in her arms. Such devotion might come across as nothing short of inspiring among the … [Read more...]

Film: Charming Lushes and the Jolly Apocalypse


When we first meet Sutter Keely, the high school senior played by the versatile Miles Teller in the coming of age dramedy The Spectacular Now, he's … [Read more...]

Film: The Quiet American


For the first 15 minutes or so, Lee Daniels' The Butler feels like the kind of shoddily executed, self-aggrandizing award-season misfire that tends to … [Read more...]

Film: The Bitter Pill


Remember when Woody Allen used to care about his characters? I miss those days. The mere fact the 77-year-old filmmaker/jazz clarinetist is still … [Read more...]

Film: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing


It takes moxie to turn Mads Mikkelsen into Mr. Goody Two Shoes. Mads who, you ask? He's that creepy-looking Danish dude best known for hitting Daniel … [Read more...]

Film: Cruisy Altitude


When I think of contemporary filmmakers who should have been around during Hollywood's Golden Age of classic comedies, Pedro Almodóvar springs to mind … [Read more...]