Film: The Beautiful Room Is Empty


He opens the bedroom door, and all the memories of their time together come rushing back like a tidal wave. Entering the room of his Israeli army … [Read more...]

Film: The Good Doctors


Let's face it: Dr. Barbara Wolff, the main subject of the gripping medical drama Barbara, is not a people person. More often than not, she's making … [Read more...]

Film: My Zombie Boyfriend


Mashups are overstaying their welcome, and not just in the music world. We rode that pop culture wave that reveled in mixing two seemingly … [Read more...]

Film: From Austria with Love


We're used to the flowers. Not for their pleasing aesthetic qualities, but for the sentiment they express. Be mine. Thank you for a lovely weekend. … [Read more...]

Film: Storming the Gates


Social change was a topic that took up a lot of airtime and column inches during the political campaigns leading up to last November's presidential … [Read more...]

Film: Crescent City, Moonstruck Loners


When we think back on our visit to a particular city, what lingers in the memory isn't always a specific place or event. Random sounds, like the beep … [Read more...]

Film: Powder Keg


In the three weeks since I saw Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow's riveting chronicle of the hunt for Osama bin Laden, two things have happened. The … [Read more...]

Film: Old Dogs, New Tricks: Best of 2012


March 6, Loews Miami Beach. The man sure knows how to captivate an audience. My two press colleagues and I are sitting across from Lawrence Kasdan. … [Read more...]

Film: Yuletide Bloat


It seems to happen every awards season, particularly around Christmastime. I'm not talking about indigestion from eating too much scrumptious holiday … [Read more...]