Film: Kissin’ Cousin-in-Chief


The best part of Hyde Park on Hudson, the teatime-with-FDR costume dramedy from Notting Hill director Roger Michell, is a long shot of a car in an … [Read more...]

Film: The Bold and the Beautiful


Here's a word I never thought I'd use to describe a movie adaptation of Russian literature: delightful. But until its comparatively somber final half … [Read more...]

Film: Bipolars in Love


Just look at the adorable mismatched couple in Silver Linings Playbook. They're attractive, ever so cute together...and off their meds! Leave it to … [Read more...]

Film: Land of the Free, Home of the Spin


Shoulders hunched, frail and weary, the tall Commander-in-Chief prowls the hallways of the Executive Mansion like an omnipresent wraith, often … [Read more...]

Film: Shaken? No, Stale


Is there anything more pathetic than an unsexy James Bond movie? That's exactly what moviegoers are getting this weekend when Skyfall, the … [Read more...]

Film: Accidental Heroes, Kindred Spirits


Movie buffs and industry pundits alike were probably gobsmacked by The Walt Disney Company's announcement this Tuesday that it had acquired Lucasfilm … [Read more...]

Film: Karma Chameleons


A literary critic is thrown off a balcony in an early scene of Cloud Atlas, and like just about everything else in this sprawling look at mankind's … [Read more...]

Film: The Latin Condition


One of the first newspaper assignments I ever had was interviewing Gregory von Hausch, president and CEO of the Fort Lauderdale International Film … [Read more...]

Film: Randy Blondie, Rabid Fundies


Manohla Dargis, film critic for The New York Times, refuses to call them “guilty pleasures.” “Disreputable” is her preferred term, and I'm with her, … [Read more...]