Art Profile: Tatiana Suarez


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Tatiana Suarez – Fine Artist Tatiana Suarez, an extremely upbeat Brooklyn-based Miami native, creates with … [Read more...]

Walmart Due to Get Architectural Design Permit Today


Walmart has moved even closer to their goal of opening a new store in Midtown. the City of Miami has plans to issue the megastore with their … [Read more...]

Art: Art Deco Inspired


The Art Deco era spans the time period between the two World Wars.  During that time all genres of art were influenced by the frivolity of the 1920s, … [Read more...]

Art: I-95 South


Brooklyn and Miami Artists Collide at Art Center/South Florida’s New Exhibit. Affectionately known as New York's sixth borough, Miami Beach has … [Read more...]

To Do: July 25 to August 1


July 25: Books; Room at the Top. A single gay man is on a relentless search for true love. There are several close encounters of the wrong kind, … [Read more...]

News: Beach Voters get to Vote on Marijuana Issues in November

pot leaf

Miami Beach voters will get the chance to vote on decriminalizing marijuana this fall, making it the first city in South Florida to reduce the penalty … [Read more...]

News: 70% of Florida Voters Support Medical Marijuana Plan For 2014 Ballot

Roger Stone Photo Shoot

  As many as seven in 10 Florida voters support a state constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana – more than enough to ensure … [Read more...]

News: Commissioner Jerry Libbin Resigns From Miami Beach Mayoral Race


Citing time constraints, Miami Beach Commissioner Jerry Libbin has ended his long-term quest to become Mayor of Miami Beach. Libbin, who has been a … [Read more...]

Art Profile: Carla Fache

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PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Carla Fache – Fine Artist Who are you? I am Carla Fache, an artist. What do you do in real … [Read more...]