Profile: Mathew Krieger & Jacky Korn


  PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Mathew Krieger & Jacky Korn - Tour Creators (Discovery Miami Beach) Who are you? We the … [Read more...]

News: Show me the Money

Steve Berke

The Latest Campaign Filing Reports By Anne Newport Royall MAYOR”S RACE With early voting in the City of Miami Beach underway, a look at the … [Read more...]

News: Paul Pry Pages

Maria Meruelo

By Anne Newport Royall PROPOSED RECYCLING ORDINANCE SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE WORKSHOP Monday October 24, 2011 Although the meeting was … [Read more...]

News: MB Taxpayers Association to Discuss Gambling Proposals at Monthly Meeting

Miami Genting Multibillion Resort

The Miami Beach Taxpayers Association will hold an in-depth discussion of the various proposals to build a resort destination including a large … [Read more...]

News: It’s All About the Towing


Miami Beach Commission Meeting By Anne Newport Royall “It’s only ten o’clock, can we start?” said Mayor Matti Herrea Bower, banging the … [Read more...]

News: Prosecutors Open Investigation on North Bay Village Mayor Corina Esquijarosa

Screen Shot 2012-10-07 at 10.25.43 AM

North Bay Village Mayor Corina Esquijarosa is once again in trouble, this time via a criminal investigation started by Miami-Dade prosecutors. … [Read more...]

News: North Beach Bandshell Ready for Action


  Miami Beach is looking to fund new programming for the North Beach Bandshell following the completion last month of a $1 million … [Read more...]

News: MB Taxpayers Association Meeting Dissect’s The Pros and Cons of Gambling at Monthly Meeting


By Anne Newport Royall The Miami Beach Taxpayers Association held their monthly general meeting on time and on schedule at the Menin Hotel … [Read more...]

News: 2011 Miami Beach Candidate Financial Reports

Mayor Matti Bower

By Anne Newport Royall The most recent financial reports are in for those candidates involved in the two competitive races on Miami Beach:  Those … [Read more...]