News: Frustration is a Four-Letter Word


Miami Beach Town Hall Meeting Held to Discuss Memorial Day Weekend 2011 By Anne Newport Royall Less than 150 people sat about the cold and cavernous … [Read more...]

News: Miami Commission Candidate Donna Milo at TMBC: ‘Cronyism is at the Core of all Evils’

donna milo

By Anne Newport Royall If cronyism were the buzzword in a drinking game, and the beverage was the café con leche served at the Tuesday Morning … [Read more...]

News: Fired Miami Beach Cops Claims Blood Test Was Illegal


By John Zur Ex-Miami Beach police officer Derick Kuilan, whose ATV joyriding – with a woman he picked up at The Clevelander – resulted in two serious … [Read more...]

Profile: Nicola Siervo


PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Nicola Siervo – Miami Nightlife King Who are you? Nicola Siervo What do you do in real life? I make a … [Read more...]

News: Pieces of Pie

CJ Ortuno, Save Miami-Dade

The Miami Redistricting Hearings Analyzed By Anne Newport Royall As they stood, one by one, 30 or so Florida legislators rattled off the individual … [Read more...]

News: ‘Di+Sh’ Program Offers North Beach Discounts to Restaurants and Theater


By John Zur The City of Miami Beach has launched a pilot program called Di+Sh, which offers patrons of the Miami Beach Stage Door at the Byron … [Read more...]

News: Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club: Leggo My Pego


By Anne Newport Royall Miami Beach’s Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club met as usual this past Tuesday morning at David’s Café II, one door off the NW … [Read more...]

Profile: Jordan Michael Zuniga

Jordan Michael Zuniga1

PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Jordan Michael Zuniga – Lens Man Who are you? I am me. Just Jordan. A photographer in Miami. =) What … [Read more...]

News: Miami Beach Tax Payers Set to Identify Beach Problems


Open Forum Allows All to Have Their Say  By Anne Newport Royall The Miami Beach Taxpayers Association held its second general meeting in as many … [Read more...]