Art Basel: Realtor Gary Hennes, Moravia


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Art: Roman Kriheli’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World


Meet The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Or at least, as far as Roman Kriheli is concerned. Kriheli is the artist who painted this mysterious … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Bambi Make Peace Not War


One of the most prominent, yet anonymous female street artists in the world traveled to Miami to share her distinctive art on a wall of the empty lot … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Comprehensive Event Guide


111 Lincoln Road. Piston Head, exhibition of 14 cars transformed into art since 1970. 6th Street Container. Fluid Dynamics and Gueriller Reina. 1155 … [Read more...]

News: Beach Jewish Community Shocked and Angered By Hate Graffiti

anti semitic tags

Local residents are stunned by what Miami Beach Police are calling a Hate Crime, when Four locations were tagged with ant-Semitic messages. The Scott … [Read more...]

News: Developer Submits Plans for Miami’s Tallest Building


1000ft OBSERVATION TOWER WOULD BE JUST BEHIND BAYSIDE AND THE SECOND TALLEST BUILDING IN THE US. Miami soon will join the million mile-high club, … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Bryan Drury, Supernatural

Karen Berg detail 1

Religious, Theological & Spiritual Leaders Series DEAN PROJECT is pleased to present Supernatural: Religious, Theological & Spiritual … [Read more...]

Time For A Change


MIAMI BEACH VOTERS HAVE SPOKEN, AND ELECTED A NEW SLATE. Eighteen-year-old Jorge DeFrias walked into the Miami Beach library voting Elections Office … [Read more...]

Music: Janelle Monae is Looking to Expand the Idea of What R&B Can Be


At the Atlanta headquarters of Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Arts Society, a giant turkey has been roasting slowly for hours, and cups of something … [Read more...]