Theatre: Summer Shorts at the Arsht


Three Gems Nestling in the Mix. Irene Adjan, Elizabeth Dimon, Niki Fridh, David Perez-Ribada and Tom Wahl. They're the veterans who save the show, … [Read more...]

Film: Pregnant Pauses


Sitting through Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed is not unlike taking a well-timed siesta. The Spanish, Beatles-era road movie is comforting and … [Read more...]

Art: US Premiere of Simon Ma’s Heart.Water.Ink


Heart • Water • Ink features more than 70 artworks including Ma’s paintings, freehand brushwork, Chinese ink hybrids, graffiti art, Chinese … [Read more...]

Film: Introspective Souls


“You're a Jew,” her aunt blurts out, and the young woman's heart stops. Anna, her novitiate nun's habit covering her auburn locks, is having a hard … [Read more...]

Film: Dragon Whisperers, Soul Sisters


It comes as no surprise that How to Train Your Dragon 2 serves up full-throttle thrills and eye-popping imagery, precisely the kind of grand, … [Read more...]

Lecture: James Van Praagh Shares Knowledge of the Afterlife with the World of the Living

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 11.40.22 AM

These days, there is no shortage of chatter. It courses along social media channels, emanates from screens of all sizes and is heard (and read) via … [Read more...]

Art: LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya and Photographer Dean West Open New Exhibit, In Pieces


LEGO is out of the toy box and into the art gallery. New York-based contemporary artist and celebrated sculptor Nathan Sawaya is in South Florida with … [Read more...]

Film: Sweet Sorrow, Neutered Evildoer


Since when has crying at the movies become a competition? There they were, the target audience for The Fault in Our Stars, trying to one-up each … [Read more...]

Film: Core Immoralities


Heli, Amat Escalante's gritty portrait of life in rural, cartel-dominated Mexico, throws you into a pit of despair and doesn't let up. It's like a … [Read more...]