Live Blog: 2013 Was Miami Art Basel Ready?

Art Basel week is one of the biggest weeks of the year for Miami in creating first impressions, lasting impressions and assuring future hands over … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Artist Carlito Dalceggio

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Tonight at Ricart Gallery, 444 NW 28th St - you'll know you're there when you see Pinocchio on the corner of the rooftop surveying the streets of … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Pulse

Pulse Miami opened today at the Ice Palace, 150 NE 19th Street in Miami. Innovative artists, fresh gallery space, quality cafes, and relaxing gardens … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Kenton Parker The Contender


Last year L.A. art star Kenton Parker soloed con tacos at that Beach House called Soho; this year the dimension-defying visionist will one-man-stand … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Brian Butler The Fine Art of High Kitsch


Brian Butler may have been born and bred in Beantown, but his career was built right here in Miami, where his increasingly fine art approach to tiki … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Amber Arbucci The Girl At Jelly Fish Lake


Amber Arbucci a former Supermodel from right here in Florida focuses on wildlife photography and has been very well received by international art … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Natvar Bhavsar, Philosophy of Color


Artist Natvar Bhavsar has a solo exhibit, Philosophy of Color on view at the Arevalo/Sponder Gallery during Art Basel. Bhavsar, born in 1934 in … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Peter Tunney Time Is Always Wow


If every artist wants to be in the center of Wynwood, then every artist most definitely wants to be in the center of Wynwood Walls. That makes Peter … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Invisible Muse


Anthony Liggins’ passionate mixed media abstracts explore the rhythmic quality of images: how color, texture, shape, and even three-dimensionality can … [Read more...]