Live Art Blog: Absolut Trophy Bar

Night Court Absolut 2013 Bar Installation by artist Ry Rocklen, oceanside between 21 and 22 Streets, in Miami Beach is a hip, breezy, fun place to … [Read more...]

Live Blog: The Changing Face of Wynwood

Kazilla Art

For those of you, like myself, who were looking forward to the dozens of local and international artists painting elbow to elbow along the long wall … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Whole Project in Little Havana


6th Street Dance Studio and Whole Project is a non profit, urban studio and magical place created by the brilliant and selfless Brigid Baker, whose … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Artists Cometh by Air, Sea and Bus

Cork Arts Jacksonville

Artists can be innovative and frugal, as it is a necessity, and getting to Miami during Basel week is a priority even if it means 10 to a hotel room … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Women On The Walls


As I was out and about today, I noticed more women painting than ever and their work is every bit as brilliant as any other artist, non-gender … [Read more...]

LIVE BLOG: This Space Reserved


While the unreported numbers of graffiti artists are roaming the streets in search of a clean canvas, one can't help but notice the slow moving squad … [Read more...]

LIVE BLOG: Art from The Streets


It's that time again when Miami puts on her party dress for the biggest, weeklong party of the year. Artists, critics, dealers, buyers, and … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Bryan Drury, Supernatural

Karen Berg detail 1

Religious, Theological & Spiritual Leaders Series DEAN PROJECT is pleased to present Supernatural: Religious, Theological & Spiritual … [Read more...]

Art: Artist Lluis Barba Playfully Merges Past and Present

Andy Warhol

Artist Lluis Barba‚Äôs work playfully appropriates art history masterpieces, and reworks them using references taken from pop culture. The artist … [Read more...]