Film: The Jolly Divorcée


“Are you always this happy?” the transfixed gent of a certain age asks the vivacious, radiant fifty-something gal with the bulky turtle shell glasses … [Read more...]

Film: The War Within


Bethlehem, a gripping, slam-bang thriller screening as part of the 17th Annual Miami Jewish Film Festival, opens and closes amid expansive, arid … [Read more...]

Film: All’s Fair in (Virtual) Love and War


Before we get to the barren no-man's-land that is January at the multiplex – Happy New Year, by the way – it's imperative to deal with two of those … [Read more...]

Film: Masters of Their Domain


Pop quiz, hotshot: What's the key to an enduring Wall Street career? Business acumen? Puh-leeze. No, wait, maybe it's knowing when to keep your … [Read more...]

Film: Practically Imperfect in Many Ways


Is it too much to ask of a movie ostensibly about the making of a movie many consider a classic for said production to be more about the creative … [Read more...]

Film: Storming the Dragon’s Lair


A greedy, egomaniacal dragon takes to the skies at the end of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, but he might as well be a phoenix rising from the … [Read more...]

Film: Il sogno di Roma


The essence of a city, what makes it more than a group of buildings thrown together, is an elusive thing to capture, easy to perceive when you're in … [Read more...]

Film: Those Strangers We Call Family


By now it's fairly obvious the Disney folks have this lowest-common-denominator routine down pat. A media blitz blankets the airwaves and elbows out … [Read more...]

Film: Rising Embers


I was 15 minutes into The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and was relatively unsurprised at how underwhelmed I was by the movie so far. Unsurprised, … [Read more...]