Film: Charming Lushes and the Jolly Apocalypse


When we first meet Sutter Keely, the high school senior played by the versatile Miles Teller in the coming of age dramedy The Spectacular Now, he's … [Read more...]

Film: The Quiet American


For the first 15 minutes or so, Lee Daniels' The Butler feels like the kind of shoddily executed, self-aggrandizing award-season misfire that tends to … [Read more...]

Film: The Bitter Pill


Remember when Woody Allen used to care about his characters? I miss those days. The mere fact the 77-year-old filmmaker/jazz clarinetist is still … [Read more...]

Art: Art Deco Inspired


The Art Deco era spans the time period between the two World Wars.  During that time all genres of art were influenced by the frivolity of the 1920s, … [Read more...]

Art: I-95 South


Brooklyn and Miami Artists Collide at Art Center/South Florida’s New Exhibit. Affectionately known as New York's sixth borough, Miami Beach has … [Read more...]

Film: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing


It takes moxie to turn Mads Mikkelsen into Mr. Goody Two Shoes. Mads who, you ask? He's that creepy-looking Danish dude best known for hitting Daniel … [Read more...]

Art: Gianni Versace Harry Pussy

Kevin Arrow main

An Interview with Artist Kevin Arrow. Kevin Arrow lived in South Beach in the 1990s. On Wednesday, there will be a screening of his Gianni Versace … [Read more...]

Film: Cruisy Altitude


When I think of contemporary filmmakers who should have been around during Hollywood's Golden Age of classic comedies, Pedro Almodóvar springs to … [Read more...]

Art Profile: Carla Fache

carlas pics bio - 05

PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Carla Fache – Fine Artist Who are you? I am Carla Fache, an artist. What do you do in real … [Read more...]