Art: Gianni Versace Harry Pussy

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An Interview with Artist Kevin Arrow. Kevin Arrow lived in South Beach in the 1990s. On Wednesday, there will be a screening of his Gianni Versace … [Read more...]

Film: Cruisy Altitude


When I think of contemporary filmmakers who should have been around during Hollywood's Golden Age of classic comedies, Pedro Almodóvar springs to … [Read more...]

Art Profile: Carla Fache

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PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY YOU SHOULD KNOW: Carla Fache – Fine Artist Who are you? I am Carla Fache, an artist. What do you do in real … [Read more...]

Film: There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow…


Why can't there be friendly monsters in monster movies? Have we become so conditioned by the subgenre immortalized in Ishirô Honda's Gojira (1954) … [Read more...]

Art: Don Shearer’s Allout Shelter: Iconic Works Show at Studio Kanter Gallery

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Developing the art scene in South Beach in the height of the early 1990s AIDS epidemic, Miami-based artist Don Shearer was studying the text A Course … [Read more...]

Film: Rushdie’s Indians, Gru’s Minions


Watching Midnight's Children, the highly anticipated film adaptation of Salman Rushdie's Booker Prize-winning 1980 historical novel, I kept … [Read more...]

Art: William John Kennedy: The Warhol Museum Edition Opens at Kiwi Art


Photographer William John Kennedy and his wife, Marie, were driving their Volkswagen Beetle through Flushing, Queens in the early 1960s when they … [Read more...]

TV: Devious Maids Delivers Progress in Disguise


By Eduardo Alexander Rabel For Latinos in the U.S., the mainstream media landscape is a bleak one. There is a dearth of Hispanic characters, and when … [Read more...]

Film: Little Monsters Unite!


Is there a more exquisite scene in Pixar animation than that final glimpse of Sully, that beast with the freshly shampooed turquoise fur, saying hello … [Read more...]