Art: James Mathison Homo Mensura Opens in Miami

James Mathison. Hombre texto II, 2006.DETALLE

Venezuelan Sculptor in Museum, Corporate and Important Private Collections is Properly Introduced to South Florida James Mathison’s imposing … [Read more...]

Books: Your Father Was A Pedofile Who Went Free


  The Shocking Discovery By A Daughter of Her Mother’s Childhood Trauma Here author Emma Brockes describes how, as the shocking secrets were … [Read more...]

Film: The Old Razzle Dazzle


The good news about the new Great Gatsby adaptation: It's the ultimate Baz Luhrmann movie. The bad news about the new Great Gatsby adaptation: It's … [Read more...]

Art: The Sporting Life


Art By Erika King and Larry Johnson In honor of the NBA Playoff season, the Williams McCall Gallery will exhibit the original works of sports … [Read more...]

Art: The Wolfsonian FIU Celebrates Page at a Time Student Artwork


Five unique books created by fifth grade students will be on display in the lobby of The Wolf starting today. This exhibition is the final product of … [Read more...]

Art: Visual Poet Carola Perla Puts Words to Art

8 - Ellie Perla - Pink Elephant

Miami Author Highlights Transience and Transculturation in Paper Sculptures. Atelier 1022 Studio and Fine Art Gallery will showcase the work of … [Read more...]

Film: Song of Faith and Devotion


How does love curdle into contempt? It doesn't happen overnight, but all of a sudden you find yourself wondering, how could such a pure emotion, one … [Read more...]

Film: Overcoming Bayness


He emerges from the large wall advertisement, grunting as he does his stomach crunches several stories off the ground. From a distance there's no … [Read more...]

Culture Quickie: Nick Gentry


What has changed in your work since Art Basel 2012? I have started to incorporate different materials into my work. They are more like collages than … [Read more...]