Film: The Roads Most Traveled


Most of what I know about the Beats came from the movies. Those intrepid young writers whose indomitable spirit of adventure took them across the … [Read more...]

Poetry: O, Miami 2013 Poetry Festival Rocks


O, Miami Poetry Festival returns in 2013 to once again attempt to deliver a poem to all 2.6 million+ residents of Miami-Dade County during the month … [Read more...]

Film: 12 Angry Men


Brutus' body lies in wake as fellow Romans exalt his deeds, both in the Senate and on the battlefield. The stage lights fade out and house lights fade … [Read more...]

Film: Psycho, Sexual


Let's hear it for the eccentric uncles in our life. They make family gatherings so much more bearable, a welcome shot of adrenaline to combat the … [Read more...]

Books: MDC’s Big Read Miami

The Things They Carried

Month-long Series to Feature Author’s Lecture, Film Screening and Teen Essay Contest The Center for Literature and Theatre at Miami Dade College … [Read more...]

Art: Through the Looking Glass with Miami Graffiti Artist Trek6


Miami street artist Trek6 has been painting since he could first use a paintbrush. Literally. At age 6, his Puerto Rican grandmother began giving him … [Read more...]

Art: Painter Ernie Bynum Reveals New Works

Bynum, Untitled, BY10312, oil on canvas, 16X20, $3,200

Ernie Bynum is an example of a consummate painter-one who is extremely accomplished and skilled at his craft-creating paintings that speak from his … [Read more...]

Film: Remembrance of Things Past


Cinephiles who, like yours truly, aren't too familiar with the vast, decades-spanning body of work of the late Raúl Ruiz have a lot of catching up to … [Read more...]

Film: Nickelodeon Charlatan


How crazy do you have to be to take on Oz at the movies? Victor Fleming shepherded Judy Garland, an army of little people and some exquisite … [Read more...]