Art: Places and People Much Loved Opens at Williams McCall

Joan Cobb Marsh, 5 Roses II, 1174 copy

Widely admired painter’s painter, Joan Cobb Marsh, unveils her recent interpretations of Places and People Much Loved with an artist reception … [Read more...]

Film: The Beautiful Room Is Empty


He opens the bedroom door, and all the memories of their time together come rushing back like a tidal wave. Entering the room of his Israeli army … [Read more...]

Dance: Augusto Soledade Is Back With His Brazen BrazzDance


Since his arrival in 2004, Brazilian native Augusto Soledade has been trailblazing and opening paths for dance in Miami at an unprecedented pace and … [Read more...]

Film: The Good Doctors


Let's face it: Dr. Barbara Wolff, the main subject of the gripping medical drama Barbara, is not a people person. More often than not, she's making … [Read more...]

Opera: Florida Grand Opera Hits a High Note with Magic Flute


The second entry in Florida Grand Opera’s 2012-2013 season is a musically accomplished and often hilariously funny production of Mozart’s great comic … [Read more...]

Film: My Zombie Boyfriend


Mashups are overstaying their welcome, and not just in the music world. We rode that pop culture wave that reveled in mixing two seemingly … [Read more...]

Film: From Austria with Love


We're used to the flowers. Not for their pleasing aesthetic qualities, but for the sentiment they express. Be mine. Thank you for a lovely weekend. … [Read more...]

Film: Storming the Gates


Social change was a topic that took up a lot of airtime and column inches during the political campaigns leading up to last November's presidential … [Read more...]

Film: Crescent City, Moonstruck Loners


When we think back on our visit to a particular city, what lingers in the memory isn't always a specific place or event. Random sounds, like the beep … [Read more...]