An Exploration of Democracy Through Dance


In this presidential election of super PAC influence and alleged voter disenfranchisement, it is not too far-fetched to question how democratic … [Read more...]

Dance: The Sensual, Erotic Moves of Miami City Ballet

MCB Apollo I

Miami City Ballet inaugurated its new season with works that underscore the company’s profound and diverse dramatic range. The program also ushered in … [Read more...]

Film: Karma Chameleons


A literary critic is thrown off a balcony in an early scene of Cloud Atlas, and like just about everything else in this sprawling look at mankind's … [Read more...]

News: MDC Unveils Sculpture in Honor of Operation Pedro Pan

Enrique Martínez Celaya and MDC President Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón stand in front of the sculpture.

Miami Dade College and its Museum of Art + Design today dedicated The Tower of Snow just outside MDC’s Freedom Tower. This is a large-scale bronze … [Read more...]

Dance: Haitian Dance and Diplomacy on Stage


By Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie, Like so much else when it comes to Haiti, clichés abound in our perceptions of its arts and culture. … [Read more...]

Bound: Tom Cruise Takes on an Absolute Giant

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher

Can Top Grandpa Be a Believable Badass? There are so many reasons to doubt the casting of Tom Cruise as the 6’ 5” 240+ lbs badass Jack Reacher that … [Read more...]

Film: The Latin Condition


One of the first newspaper assignments I ever had was interviewing Gregory von Hausch, president and CEO of the Fort Lauderdale International Film … [Read more...]

Film: Randy Blondie, Rabid Fundies


Manohla Dargis, film critic for The New York Times, refuses to call them “guilty pleasures.” “Disreputable” is her preferred term, and I'm with her, … [Read more...]

Arts: Acoustica 21 Series Marries a Cello and an Art Gallery


By Miguel Angel Estafan, Jr., On Saturday, Sept. 29, just before 8:00 p.m., a small group of people assembled in front of the … [Read more...]