Live Blog: Whole Project in Little Havana


6th Street Dance Studio and Whole Project is a non profit, urban studio and magical place created by the brilliant and selfless Brigid Baker, whose … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Artists Cometh by Air, Sea and Bus

Cork Arts Jacksonville

Artists can be innovative and frugal, as it is a necessity, and getting to Miami during Basel week is a priority even if it means 10 to a hotel room … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Women On The Walls


As I was out and about today, I noticed more women painting than ever and their work is every bit as brilliant as any other artist, non-gender … [Read more...]

LIVE BLOG: This Space Reserved


While the unreported numbers of graffiti artists are roaming the streets in search of a clean canvas, one can't help but notice the slow moving squad … [Read more...]

LIVE BLOG: Art from The Streets


It's that time again when Miami puts on her party dress for the biggest, weeklong party of the year. Artists, critics, dealers, buyers, and … [Read more...]

Film: Those Strangers We Call Family


By now it's fairly obvious the Disney folks have this lowest-common-denominator routine down pat. A media blitz blankets the airwaves and elbows out … [Read more...]

Art Basel: Bryan Drury, Supernatural

Karen Berg detail 1

Religious, Theological & Spiritual Leaders Series DEAN PROJECT is pleased to present Supernatural: Religious, Theological & Spiritual … [Read more...]

Film: Rising Embers


I was 15 minutes into The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and was relatively unsurprised at how underwhelmed I was by the movie so far. Unsurprised, … [Read more...]

Art: Artist Lluis Barba Playfully Merges Past and Present

Andy Warhol

Artist Lluis Barba‚Äôs work playfully appropriates art history masterpieces, and reworks them using references taken from pop culture. The artist … [Read more...]