Art Basel: Bryan Drury, Supernatural

Karen Berg detail 1

Religious, Theological & Spiritual Leaders Series DEAN PROJECT is pleased to present Supernatural: Religious, Theological & Spiritual … [Read more...]

Film: Rising Embers


I was 15 minutes into The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and was relatively unsurprised at how underwhelmed I was by the movie so far. Unsurprised, … [Read more...]

Art: Artist Lluis Barba Playfully Merges Past and Present

Andy Warhol

Artist Lluis Barba’s work playfully appropriates art history masterpieces, and reworks them using references taken from pop culture. The artist … [Read more...]

Film: Borrowed Time


This wild stallion's in heat. No, not all those fine equine specimens parading around the rodeo in the opening scene of Dallas Buyers Club. I'm … [Read more...]

Art: Glen Daidone Reveals Wynwood At Dark in New Exhibition

N.W 11th Street

Local photographer Glenn Daidone unveils a new series titled “Wynwood at Dark” at the Williams McCall Gallery South of Fifth. Kicking off with an … [Read more...]

Film: Star-crossed Lovers


What causes a relationship to flourish? How does the spark upon that first glance lead to a lasting bond that's able to overcome many – if not all … [Read more...]

Art: An Exhibition Exploring Time Opens at the Bass

Lorraine O'Grady. Miscegenated Family Album (Sisters I), L: Nefernefruaten Nefertiti; R: Devonia Evangeline O’Grady,1980/1994, cibachrome prints, 26 x 37 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Alexander Gray Associates, New York

TIME presents a selection of historical and contemporary artworks, objects and artists’ projects that engage with ideas of time. Throughout history, … [Read more...]

Film: Acts of Defiance Across Space and Time


Solomon Northup tries to maintain his footing on the muddy ground. Around his neck, the noose threatens to break his neck if he so much as slips. … [Read more...]

Film: Fat Camp Rebel


Paradise: Hope, the third and final entry in Austrian auteur Ulrich Seidl's Paradise Trilogy, possesses a trait I thought I'd never see in any of his … [Read more...]